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16 Oct

Tue 10/10, 11:58 AM


As you may know, the digital advertising industry is constantly working to ensure bad traffic will be kept out to help legit publishers ensure and grow their website’s revenues.
Therefore, Infolinks highly recommends you use the Ads.txt file initiative (partnered and pushed by Google) with Infolinks as an authorized advertiser source.

What is Ads.txt?
Ads.txt is an IAB Tech Lab project that was created to fight inventory fraud and improve transparency in the digital advertising industry.
The idea is simple; publishers put a file on their server that says exactly which companies they sell their inventory through.
The file lists partners by name, but also includes the publisher’s account ID.  This is the same ID buyers (advertisers) see in a bid request.

Why should I use Ads.txt?
The ads.txt file will help you protect your website from fraud inventory that is intentionally mislabeled as originating from a specific domain.
In other words – using ads.txt file will get you more advertiser spend that might have otherwise gone toward fraud inventory.

What should I do now?
1. To create an Ads.txt file, please read the following instructions:
(If you already have an Ads.txt file on your domain skip this part)
2. Add the following line to your Ads.txt file:, 2851958 , RESELLER

That’s it- you are all set. Just make sure to add Ads.txt file to all your registered domains.
Thank you for your cooperation and best regards,

Infolinks team

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12 Oct

该服务让您能够从世界各地的公司接收付款 – 就好像您在这些国家拥有一个当地银行帐户一样。

Global Payment Service 向您提供访问多个全球收款帐户的权限,您可以通过这些帐户请求付款。只需使用Payoneer 派安盈平台请求付款,或者向需要对您进行支付的公司提供您的付款服务信息即可。



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Amazon: USD Global Payment Service to Payoneer card

12 Oct

This service enables you to receive payments from companies worldwide – as if you have a local bank account in those countries.

The Global Payment Service provides you with access to several international receiving accounts, through which you can request payment. Simply request a payment using the Payoneer platform or provide your payment service information to the company that needs to pay you.

Please Note!
Only ACH (US local bank) transfers in USD can be accepted
Transfers must be made from a company account
Transfers from individuals will be automatically rejected
Wire transfers are not supported
Transfers made from a company account owned by you cannot be accepted

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您现在可以从Upwork Escrow Inc.接收付款

30 Aug

Payoneer <>
25/8/2017, 7:46

我们很高兴地告诉您,您已经成功设置Payoneer帐户,可以从Upwork Escrow Inc收到付款。
一旦Upwork Escrow Inc.付款,这些付款将自动存入您的Payoneer预付MasterCard®。



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You Can Now Receive Payments from Upwork Escrow Inc.

29 Aug

Payoneer <>
25/8/2017, 7:46

Dear x,

We’re happy to tell you that you have successfully set up your Payoneer account to receive payments from Upwork Escrow Inc..

Once Upwork Escrow Inc. pays you, these payments will automatically be credited to your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard®.

Want to view your payment history or use our other payment services? Log in to manage your Payoneer account.

Manage Account

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you,
The Payoneer Team

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